Labour party giving out Tory lit?

I acquired a leaflet yesterday from the BitterTogether lot. It had a reply paid section to return a questionnaire on it. Now who is paying for that I wonder? It was handed out by the labour party headed by King Michael of the Abrasive Phrase himself. I thought the labour party were broke? So was this Labour MSP (Michael McMahon and  Cllrs Harry McGuigan and Curran) handing out Tory leaflets? The mind boggles.
Now look at the two photos, both featuring King Michael the rude. Both show him handing out BitterTogether leaflets. What may not be so obvious at first glance is they were both taken on the same day, one in Hamilton and one in Bellshill. Could it be that the no campaign are short of bodies on the ground. Shockereoonie, the no campaign is not setting the heather a light amoung traditional labour supporters. I cant help but wonder how they would feel if they knew their elected reps are giving out Tory leaflets.
(photos from @EvelynsaysYES)

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